The Venetian government spends millions of euros each year to attend its waste disposal situation.

Venice, Italy is one of the most visited cities in the world. According to the city of Venice Statistics and Research Service, over 20 million people arrive at Marco Polo International Airport. The city surface covers approximately 414.57 km2, which makes them get a population density of 630/km2. Surrounded by water, the open sea, and the canals, it is a city with almost no cars and a public transportation system. Boats are contently moving around the canals as water highways. Everything is delivered by boat.

Venice popularity had led the government to deal with a waste disposal problem. Most parts of the city are inaccessible by car and dominated by pedestrians the waste management company has to visit collection center by foot, transport all the garbage outside of Venice and pay for the incineration and disposal. Venetian government projected that in 2018 this waste disposal situation would cost over 22,500,000 euros. They have assigned collection center accessible for specially equipped boats with lifts, if citizens get caught breaking the waste disposal law, they could be sanctions in fine starting in 165 euro.

A few years ago, the National Tourism Agency of Italy in juncture with the municipal government assigned a tourist visitor fee of 4 euros per night spent in Venice; locals called it “tourist tax.” On the other hand, they are also having problems with the sewage system. The inordinate number of visitors they get each year, have expert and different foundations to come together and work to preserve Venice and its population. Don’t waste Venice is an environmental campaign organized by the Italian Institute of Environmental Protection and Research, that invites visitors to follow the proper garbage disposal rules, to recycle and help this marvelous city to preserve the beauty.