Haro, Spain a city known to be the capital of La Rioja Alta. One of the winemaking regions of Spain, with its regulated council and laws for the elaboration of wine. Rafael López de Heredia y Lanpeta, acquired the cellar and the vineyards in 1877 and since then he and his family have been producing what he called the fine wine. His mission was to make the most excellent wines of La Rioja and Spain. His family continues to carry his legacy and passion for great winemaking.

In 1914 he planted a new vineyard called Viña Tondonia, which gave a new name for the family-owned business and also to one of the most sold wines López de Heredia family produces. With vineyards planted in over 170 hectares, they harvest annually near 800,000 kilos of grapes destined for the elaboration of his different wine brands.

As time went by and the winemaking process got more industrialized, the López de Heredia family decided that the cellar will continue to operate with the same wine recipes their great-grandfather developed and meant not renewing any equipped that could affect any part of the process. They developed a unique system of four particular steps: vintage, the birth, and aging; which elaborates the complexity of their wine. Since 1877 they have been constructing their barrels in their workshop called La Toneleria. The aging process takes place in a 3,000 square meter long underground tunnels.

The cellar is preserved as a stamp in time; they have a well-taught ecosystem that carries the passion and DNA of Viña Tondonia. Every hallway and corridor have the 142 years of tradition, and the fermentation tanks are the same one Rafael, the founder, used. Every bottle they elaborate has their family history, passion, tradition, and craftsmanship.