San Sebastian, Spain– is a small city in the northern part of the Basque country, with a population of almost 200,000 citizens, it is heading to be the innovation capital. Every day more and more business are opening, making a positive impact on the economy and in society in general. With major university campuses from University of the Basque Country, Deusto Business School, the Basque Culinary Center and more, young entrepreneurs pick San Sebastian to test their business idea, most of them with the idea of establishing a flagship and expanding to other cities across the globe.

Jonathan Rugna has selected San Sebastian to open a gelato store. An own family business with over a century of tradition is the next business endeavor for the young entrepreneur. In a city so attached to its cultured, Rugna recognized his ideal target market and bets on opening his store by the end of 2019.

A city with the lowest crime rate in Spain and with a proportionally low unemployment rate, San Sebastian has become an economic paradise for new and upcoming business. An academical institution such as Deusto Business School and the Basque Culinary Center have business accelerators and host startup competition annually, to give development opportunities to new concepts and companies. As the city portrays excellent living conditions to the population, Rugna affirms that it is a safe city and people are extremely honest. The citizens of San Sebastian have their culture ingrained. As they live and breed culinary greatness, the most exquisite and sophisticated palates of Spain, considered this city as a gastronomical wonder, as Rugna confirmed it as one of his deciding factors.

The Gipuzkoan government, in association with different universities, have a strong small business administration office, where everyone who is interested in opening a business in the province, can fetch the latest regulations and recommendations. They have developed a startup accelerator for the food and beverage industry, in synchrony with the Basque Culinary Center Innovation Lab.