It is no myth that working in a kitchen is physically demanding, and those who devote themselves to the industry lifestyle are passionate about presenting the best food, cooked the best possible way. The ramble of trying to communicate emotions through food, the desire of excellence, the aspiration of culinary perfection drive chefs to succumb to a particular way of life.

A few weeks ago, a picture of chef Kirk Westaway in the kitchen sitting on a trash can be grabbing a quick meal. For those who work in the industry, that image may seem like a regular stamp. The picture went viral and got to particular websites such as Reddit and Imgur, opening a heated debate. Cooks and chefs from all over the world commented and shared their particular stories.

After a search on any social media platform the #kitchenlife, scenes from different aspects of working in any food and beverage operation start popping up, videos and photos across the internet reflect the reality of working in a kitchen. As part of the debate, stagiaires are another latent situation in gastronomy. Most culinary schools require their student to comply on a certain number of practice hours.

Traditionally, if someone was interested in becoming a chef, the order was to get an apprenticeship with a chef would concede the opportunity, unpaid and devoted to hard work culinary careers started developing. Sadly, that tradition got affected by greedy and stingy restaurant and hotel owners. In order to reduce labor cost and achieve the desired profit, practice students, culinary interns, and apprentice (also known as stagiaires) started being a valuable resource, exposing kitchen staff to the unprepared professionals who are starting to develop their careers. This article is the introduction of a series of articles and multimedia content reward the lifestyle of stagiaires on fine dining restaurants.