As internships are a significant part of career development, it represents an important milestone to overcome. According to CJ Arlotta, in an article published for the online magazine Hotel Business in February 2019, “Even though more women are moving into executive spots in the hospitality industry, progress is still uneven, according to a new report.” In the same article, she refers to a report published by Castell Project, a nonprofit dedicated to seeing that women are well-represented in hospitality industry leadership.

Veronica Espino is a 25 years Mexican cook with a few years of experience in the hospitality industry. Less than a year ago, she decided to enroll in culinary school and start her career. In this week’s episode of Dying on the Pass, we had the opportunity and the pleasure of having a delightful and entertaining conversation with her. Espino considers herself a rookie in the kitchen is representing her Latino heritage and leveling the field for women in the industry. As mentioned in the interview, she is open to any growing opportunity and wishes to continue developing her career.

As an intern, she confirms having to handle certain situations just because she is a woman. Sadly, the hospitality industry dominated by men, but as a young cook, she looks up to other women that have been in her same situation and are now the faces of culinary movements across the globe.